IDOM’s name (pronounced like “item” but with a “d”) is derived by reversing the letters in the owner’s name. Thus Modi spelled backwards is IDOM.

Founded in 2006 by designer Modi Soondarotok, IDOM is a Portland-based fashion boutique specializing in fashionable clothing with an in-house label of the same name. Designed for the fashion-forward woman.

A native of Bangkok, Thailand, Modi moved to United States at the age of 12. Her zeal for fashion eventually led her to New York City where she studied and graduated from the acclaimed Parsons School of Design. While enrolled at Parsons, Modi broadened her expertise by earning positions in highly selective fashion programs in both London and Paris. With the valuable experience she gained working for such world-renowned designers as Peter Som, Twinkle, Donna Karan, and most recently Armani in New York City, Modi moved to Oregon in 2006 to launch her own fashion line.

An experienced traveler, Modi draws inspiration from her travels to Egypt, Israel, Australia, Europe and Asia in her work. Artists Miro, Rothko and architect Frank Gehry also influence her designs. She has creatively fused her fascination with architecture and painting with her background in design, pattern making and illustration.

Modi considers her line to be equal parts creativity, quality and social responsibility. Producing in Thailand she hand-selects all materials for her collections, and meets personally with ten seamstresses employed to sew all of IDOM’s garments. These seamstresses are Thai homemakers. Committed to a manufacturing philosophy that provides a positive alternative to sweatshop labor, IDOM champions the craftsmanship of independent artisans by paying fair wages and supporting flexible schedules. This allows seamstresses to work from their homes and spend more time with their families.

The hand-loomed silks and cottons are also personally sourced, which encourages sustainable practices and directly supports vibrant indigenous culture.

The IDOM collection showcases a variety of original & wearable works of art, including blouses, skirts, jackets, and coats, and highlights IDOM’s signature garment — the dress. Modi’s style blends simple lines and rich colors to create a distinctly sophisticated collection. All IDOM garments are crafted with an emphasis on organic styling, hand-sewn with attention to details and offer endless versatility. Modi’s sense of design aesthetic is playful, modern, different and elegant. While individual pieces tend toward the higher-end, she loves to mix them up with her grandmother’s jewelry, or with more casual, mass-market pieces. Old & new, big & chunky, exaggerated sleeves with lots of volume& intricate pleats – her look is distinctively beautiful and brilliantly chic.

With the launch of her first IDOM collection, Modi realizes a lifelong passion for design and fashion. “I find the endless beauty of nature and art to be so intriguing,” said Soondarotok. “I try to capture some of this natural beauty in my designs by mixing vibrant colors with modern ideas to create dramatic, wearable clothes that will appeal to fashion-forward women.” IDOM honors real women, with sizes ranging from Petite to Moderate, and Curvy to Very Curvy. IDOM’s signature color palate of vibrant orange and chocolate brown celebrates bold women daring to take a few chances. The loose, flattering drape has attracted fans from all over the country, from women cultivating a real avant garde look, to those who simply appreciate the quality details.

The IDOM boutique features Modi’s in-house collection as well as select pieces from other hard to find lines such as Jenny Yuen Handbags – New York, IRO Clothing – Paris, Dolce Vita Clothing – New York, Plastic Island Clothing – L.A., Aude Clothing- L.A., Alula Clothing -Seattle, Demimonde Jewelry- Portland, Rush Handbags- Portland, Levity Jewelry- New York, and Marjorie Victor Jewelry-Brooklyn. IDOM also carries a collection of accessories, books, gifts, and home decor.

Modi currently lives in Northeast Portland with her cat, Stares at Trees. She enjoys cooking, hiking, reading and going to films. Her husband Bradley Piscadlo has worked as an attorney in New York City. He enjoyed his time painting Idom, building the dressing rooms, taking photographs of IDOM’s collection and planting the back patio garden. He is currently practicing law in Portland. They are both hoping to go on their next holiday to Argentina.


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