Magical World

7 04 2011

Swedish artist Johan Thörnqvist adds the most detailed city and character illustrations on top of ordinary photographs. The results are incredibly magical and imaginative.  Leaving me wanting to explore or even visit these miniature worlds . . .

Found via MyModernMet.

Enjoy your day everyone.  Sending M and K lots and lots of love.  Both of your fathers are in my thoughts.  Hoping that they will feel better soon.


Colour Hunting

30 01 2011

Getting inpired by series of colour hunting in Barcelona from photographer, Bernat Fortet.

Need to save pretty pennies and revisited Barcelona.  What a lively and a vibrant city.  The photographs will have to satisfy my craving for colours and adventure for now.  Thanks very much for reading.  Enjoy your Sunday everyone.


Weekend Inspiration

29 01 2011
I love Carl Kleiners photos. Specially those in his “Diary”. There is something magical about them. Like being inside a dream.
Wishing you a happy weekend.


Falling Garden

26 01 2011

When I studied at Royal Collage of Art, I took a few courses on Shakespeare’s plays. I remember I had this beautiful copy of “The Tempest” that had on its cover an illustration of Miranda in which her hair was a colourful garden, like an explosion of life and vibrancy. This affected the way I approached the play (perhaps you should judge a book by its cover). I pictured the tempest in the play as an abstract thing: as a type of falling garden. So when I saw the art installation, “falling garden”, by the artists, Gerda Steiner and Jörg Lenzlinger, I literally gasped. This is exactly how I pictured the Tempest; it was as if someone had crawled into my mind and made visual imagery from the thoughts within.

To see more of their absolutely mind-blowing art, visit their official site.

Wishing you a brilliant Wednesday.


Friday Inspiration

7 01 2011

I’m a big fan of Tim Walker.  I first fall in love with his images from British Vogue.  From then on I kept looking for more of his work.  I just can’t quite get enough of them.  I truly love his vision, sensibility and great imagination.  His work is purely exquisite.  I just want to crawl into the photographs and happily live in the childhood fantasy.

Tim Walker, the Peter Pan of  British photography, creates images that can be seen only with our inner child’s eyes. He evokes long-forgotten memories, invites us to the other side of the mirror. Surreal or magic realism?

It’s not only the whimsical beauty that makes his narrative photo-stories unforgettable: they are created with true love, based on collective unconscious archetypes and cultural symbols, easily-read, mysteriously touching.  And so alive!

Picking apples in the orchard, catching butterflies, climbing the trees and turning into a fairy. Lead soldier wars and dreams of flying… Going home for dinner straight from your freshly-build castle or another exciting overseas cruise… As we grow up, our childhood becomes imaginary kingdom. Imaginary – for most of us, but for some – more real than reality.  He reminds us to keep dreaming.

Walker’s photographs were published in numerous magazines (Vogue,Vanity Fair etc.) There are exhibitions of his work at The National Portrait Gallery, The Design Museum and The Victoria & Albert Museum.  His first book, “Pictures” was published in spring 2008.  He lives and works in London.  All photos courtesy of Tim Walker.  Check out his beautiful work here.


The Wrinkles of the City

29 11 2010

Amazing installation project by French photographer JR. The wrinkles of the city project questions the memory of a city and its inhabitants. Using Shanghai and its resident as his subject.  You can feel the story of the spaces.  Shanghai is such a vibrant modern metropolis with constant new buildings going up every minute of the day.  Is it a good idea to tear down everything old?  And if we do, how long will the memories last?

Check out JR work here.

All photos courtesy of JR.


24 11 2010

I have always felt like an outsider no matter where I lived.  I think I was a misfit since birth.  I’m fortunate enough to be able to create and adapt anywhere as home.  I also have been very lucky to meet amazing group of friends wherever I am living.  There is this sense of contentment and comfort knowing that I can be happy anywhere.  One of my dear friend who is French, but grew up in South Africa.  She is now living between Tokyo and Bangkok.  She often referred to both her and I as “a third culture kid.”  One foot in the east and one in the west.  Doesn’t really quite fit into either world.  It was complicated growing up being different in both cultures.  I thank my parents for always encouraging me to own myself as myself.  To always be comfortable in my own skin and to embrace my imperfection.  Thailand will always be dear to my heart.  No matter where I am in the world.  I will forever carry that incredible land with me.  I can always go back to where I was born and to the two people who loved me even as a misfit.  I am missing my parents like mad as the holiday approaching.  Here is my Bangkok.  Photos taken by the late Thai photographer, Surat Osathanugrah.  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.  Enjoy your own version of home.

“I love creating artwork more than doing business,
but I have to pursue my business because of my family.”
Surat Osathanugrah

Osathanugrah exposed the hidden charm behind daily life of Thai people with a blend of puzzling mystery and black comedy.  This photodiarist perceived his work through one of his publications called “Varnishing Bangkok”.  Just the name of the series is already mind blowing.  Check out Osathanugrah’s work here. All photos courtesy of Surat Osathanugrah.