Beautiful Kat and Black Diamond Bay Dress

7 07 2010

I am very lucky to have many amazing IDOM girls in my life.  It is a privileged to dressed beautiful confident women.  It makes my job as a designer rewarding and fulfilling when a woman falls in love with a piece.  When she appreciates the design sensibility, the quality, and the hard work that goes into one piece.  And when she makes the piece as her own.  I am so thrilled to have met Kat and her lovely mother.  It has been a pleasure getting to know both of the wonderful women.  She is the proud owner of Black Diamond Bay Dress from Bob Dylan Collection via A/W 09.  I am delighted to see her pics at her dear friend Jesske’s wedding.

Kat and her partner Jake.  She looks stunning.  Well, they both look fabulous!

The elegant bride Jesske and the gorgeous Kat.

Black Diamond Bay dress from our lookbook worn by Megan.  Shot by Elizabeth and styled by Marc.

Thank you so much Kat for sharing your brilliant photos with us.  You make my day!

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Happy New Year’s Eve

31 12 2009

I am heading to work soon.  If you need dresses for your New Year’s Eve celebration.  IDOM has plenty of beautiful pieces for you to welcome 2010.

Desire Dress

Don’t Think Twice, It is alright Dress

Wedding Song Dress

Hazel Dress

All the dresses are still 50% off in the shop.  I’ll be there until 3 or 4 pm this evening.  Please give me a ring if you want to make sure that I’m still there, 503.477.6818.

Happy New Year!  Thanks very much, indeed for all of your wonderful support.

Eternal Circle Skirt

29 12 2009

Salwa has forwarded me the image of a very similar skirt to our IDOM piece.  The lovely woman worn it during Milan Fashion Week.  Salwa really made me very excited.  Take a look.

Eternal Circle Skirt available now at IDOM.  Made from navy blue cotton knit fabric.  My friend Tara took home the skirt on Sunday.  Thanks, Tara!

Very similar design!  I really love anything with ruffles.  I also adore the way this beautiful woman paired it with buttoned down blouse.  She looks so chic.  Image courtesy of Trendy Crew.  Check out their blog here.  Thanks Salwa for cheering me up.

50% off on all IDOM Clothing

27 12 2009

All IDOM winter pieces are now on sale for 50% off!

Mozambique Dress original $280.  On sale for $140.

Thanks very much for reading.  Enjoy your weekend.

Geoffrey David

22 12 2009

Handmade by local designer Geoffrey David, these delightful headbands can also be worn as bow ties! Crafted from vintage fabrics (like Pendleton!) and buttons.

More bracelets!

16 12 2009

I have been feeling so lucky lately with our customers since I got back from my trip.  Most everyone have been very wonderful and kind.  I just want to say thank you for making my day so much brighter.  Beside having great customers.  The little shop has been acting up lately.  We are not sure of what our idom is trying to say to us.  First there was water leak from the ceiling.  I felt so bad for Caitlin.  Then the alarm kept turning itself on and off.  Quite annoying, really…  Then I was locking up from my first day back at work.  My key got completely stuck in the the shop front door.  I had to call a lock smith.  The lock was broken!  Yesterday I lost a panel of lights.  I was working in a semi cave condition.  Hopefully the electrician will show up soon.  I’m trying to figure out if these are signs for something.  Let me know if you have any insight into our technical difficulties.

Okay on to more bracelets.  These are leather wrap bracelets.  Again with more studded detail.  I loved Salwa’s bracelet from ABC Carpet that her mom and her sister got her for her birthday.  It was a long piece that you can wrap around.  I took the inspiration and converted the idea into leather and added a belt like buckle.  They are $36 each.

Leather wrap bracelets with different stones.  Also $36 each.

Please come by and say hello.  I’m back at work for 8 days straight this week.  It will be lovely to see everyone again.

Bracelets, bracelets, bracelets

15 12 2009

What I can say about bracelets??  We love them and can’t get enough of them at IDOM.  The more, the better.  I personally enjoy layering my arm with different kind of bracelets.  They add so much texture.  I also love the sound that they make.  This season I am doing zipper bracelets with studded detail.  The zippers were already used in some of the pieces from this current Winter collection.  It makes sense to use the left over zippers.  Thanks mum for the brilliant suggestion.  I think that she just wanted all of my trim to be out from her house.  Plus Salwa has been into anything studs.  It is an homage to her as well.

Zipper bracelets, $28 each.  More bracelet pics tomorrow.  Enjoy your day.  Thanks very much for reading.