New beauties at Covet!

30 04 2011

Please check out new spring IDOM lovely dresses at the wonderful boutique Covet via downtown Portland.  You can also take a peak at what Athena has in her shop from her online store as well.  Many thanks to Athena and Covet for having our pieces in your lovely boutique!

Beautiful Sahara dresses from s/s 11.  You can purchase online from Covet here.

Elegant Phuket dress made from 100% hand loomed cotton.  Perfect stable for your spring and summer wardrobe.  You can view the dress online here.

All of IDOM pieces are made with our amazing contractors and textile makers in Thailand.  We believe in fair labour and pay our fantastic team with US living wage.  You can have beautiful dresses and feel good that you are supporting many incredible artisans and their families.

If you live in Portland.  You can also visit Athena at Covet, 429 sw 10th Ave, Portland, OR 97205.  Thanks very much again to Covet.

We also have new stunning pieces at our shop.  Our incredible Katherine can help you find the most perfect piece for you.  Swing by and say hello.  Wishing you a lovely weekend.



31 03 2011
My father started an insect collection for me when I was around 5 or 6.  I adore our south east Asian giant black beetles and the rainbow shiny beetles.  Of course I love anything from butterflies to scorpions.  One benefit of growing up in Thailand is that these guys are in our backyard.  When I was studying in Paris Deyrolle was one of my favourite shop to visit.  It is this amazing natural history store.  It reminded me a bit of home.
Giraffe, polar bear, leopard, porcupine, you name it!  Deyrolle started in 1831 and is known around the world.  In 2008 there was a fire damaged in large parts of the shop, but thanks to many fans.  The shop is now as beautiful as ever.  The website is worth a visit, but the store has to be seen in real life!  I need to plan a trip to go back to Paris soon.
Words from Deyrolle’s webpage:
“Deyrolle offers insects & shells collections, mounted animals of many kind, natural wonders and collection pieces. The principle was always to bring to human nature the sence of observation and description; An image is worth a thousand words. If one want to protect nature, one has to know it.”
All images courtesy of Deyrolle.  You can check out their website here.


minä perhonen

11 10 2010

Drooling over new minä perhonen lookbook.  Someday I’ll be able to own one of the dresses and use their fabric for IDOM collection.  If you ever find yourself in Tokyo or Kyoto.  You should definitely visit their boutiques.  The boutiques are charming and the people are lovely.

Please visit Evangelina today.  Enjoy the Autumn sunshine.

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Meet Sally!

29 08 2009

I am truly a lucky person to have been meeting so many wonderful friends here in Portland.  It is refreshing to meet another kindred spirit.  I met Sally the co-owner of Pin Me Boutique on North Mississippi at our shop a while back.  She has been so kind and very much fun to get to know.  I adore her.  Sometime it can be a lonely place being a business owner.  Everything is on your shoulders.  You are the one that has to make all the decisions.  Most of the time it can be pretty over whelming.  I am thankful that I can chat with Sally about work, life, traveling, designs and anything in between.  It is such a gift when you find a great friend. She sent me this photo of her in an idom hand woven tunic.  She looks beautiful.  I’m so pleased that she is a big fan of anything woven.  These pieces are my first love.  They are often inspired by architecture and Japanese sensibility.


Sally in her woven tunic.  She looks fantastic!  Thank you so much for the pic.  I am also a big fan of Pin Me Boutique.  I love the fact that her business supports independent designers and fair business practices.  I get so many compliments from my earrings and Orla Kiely pieces.


I have been admiring these Melissa shoes.  These shoes are amazingly chic and comfortable.


Please visit Pin Me Boutique and the exquisite sally at 3705 N Mississippi
Portland, OR 97227.  You can always visit Pin Me online as well.  Please click here.

I feel privileged to live in a city that inspired entrepreneurship.  It is rare to have a city of this size with so many interesting shops, restaurants, galleries,  and music venues.  People move here and visit here because of its beauty and its creative environment of Portland.  It is up to all of us to keep that spirit alive by choosing consciously to support each other.  Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Beautiful Epice Scarves from Paris at Una

15 04 2009

The joy of being a small independent designer and a business owner is to support other shops in the city.  We are all in this together!  When we first moved to Portland.  I went through a big New York withdrawal for fashion.  Where could I find pieces that are interesting, beautiful and stylish in Portland?  I found Una in the first week I was here.  I fell in love with the shop and its sensibility. 


Check out Una here.

Or you can go visit these scarves and other fabulous clothing in person at 2802 SE Ankeny, Portland, OR 97214.  503-235-2326

P.S. Thank you to all my wonderful friends for sending their good thoughts to my family and to Thailand.  We are all hoping that peaceful solution will be reached soon.  Thanks very much again.