Friday Inspiration, Emily Ryan

30 07 2010

I am very lucky to have met my friend Emily Ryan.  One of the most inspiring designer and such a lovely person.  Her designs are always innovative, risk taking, and truly works of art.  I have been coveting her work for quite sometime.  I want everything!  I feel privileged to be living in Portland amongst many amazing talented designers.

I just finish reading a book given to me by my sweet friend Sarah called “Loving Frank.”  It was such a wonderful read.  Yes, I am obsessed with Frank Lloyd Wright as well.  I was blown away when I saw this dress inspired by Wright’s stain glass.  The patch work details are quite exquisite.  I adore her take on patch work.  She makes it into a cool modern feel.

I’m a big fan on harem pants.  This jump suit is asymmetrical and such an intriguing piece.  Love it!

I adore volume and anything with interesting shapes.  This piece is just perfect.

This fabric was hand dyed by Emily herself.  The print is incredible.  The silhouette and detail on the piece are so amazing.  I want it!  I have to send B the link, wink, wink.   You can check out Emily’s work here and give these beauties a great home.  All images courtesy of Emily Ryan.  Photos by Orland Gray Nutt.

Wishing you a brilliant weekend!

P.S.  Lots more new Saint James pieces and espadrille shoes from Salwa.  She just returned from her holiday in Lebanon.  Please stop by the shop today and say hello to her.  I also have more Japanese cups and ceramics.  Hopefully we can take some pics of new treasures soon.

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Up In the Air tonight and Thanks to Sole Struck

9 07 2010

Evangelina, Caitlin and I have been working and prepping for Up in the Air fashion show via Hotel Deluxe tonight.  We are thrilled and excited to show IDOM new A/W 10 pieces.  We are also collaborating with Lindsay and Bryce via Sole Struck.  I’m in heaven with the amazing fashion forward shoes from them.  Plus Lindsay is an IDOM girl as well.  Some of you have met her at the shop.  We are lucky to have Lindsay the shoe Goddess on our side.  Promise to snap some pics of Lindsay and her lovely chic style soon.

You can also view our current S/S 10 collection at 23rd Ave show on Saturday at noon.  Thank you Miles for your brilliant layout.  We owe you!

Lovely shoe babies via Sole Struck.

I have been staying up late last night taping these guys.  Industry secret.  What one learned from working in fashion field for way too long.  Sigh…  Please don’t do this at home.   Purchase your shoes, love them and enjoy them.

Packing these beauties for the show.  The numbers are all corresponding to each look.

My personal fashion assistant, Stares At Trees.  She stayed up with me prepping late last night.

You can join us tonight at 6 pm, show starts at 7 pm.  Hotel deLuxe, 729 S.W. 15th Ave.  You can purchase ticket here.

Many thanks to our friends Lindsay and Bryce from Sole Struck.  You can own any of these lovely shoes shown in our post today.  Visit them in person at 718 NW 11th Ave. Portland, OR 97209 or shop online here.  Please do check out their blog here.  It is wonderful!  Hope to see you tonight.

What I want from Le Train Bleu

8 05 2009

Several of my sweet friends saved up their money and bought a beautiful Victorian inspired Nicholas K coat from Le Train Bleu couple years back for my birthday.  I was so surprised and very touched by their generosity.  I adore the coat.  I was hooked on the online boutique ever since then.  Many of my New York chic girlfriends were all addicted to this amazing boutique.  It made me so happy to learn that the boutique also had their flagship store in Portland.  It was such a pleasure to move to Portland from New York with Le Train Bleu being here in the city.  I was really sad when the flagship store moved back to online only.  I can still get the fix by admired all the pieces via their website.  Bria Phillips is the visionary behind this fashion forward online boutique.  She is also an accomplished talented photographer.  I respect and appreciated Bria’s sensibility.  Thank goodness for Le Train Bleu!


Yes, yes I want more stripes.  I love the proportion of the blouse and the sleeves.  Those bracelets are fantastic as well. Claudine Striped blouse from Manisse NYC.  Perfect for spring and summer.  View the blouse here.

P.S.  You might recognized this beautiful model Sarah Schroeder.  We were lucky to have her modeled for our current IDOM spring/summer collection.


Who can go wrong with this Rachel Comey wedge sandals?  Want it now!

Check it out here.


Mociun always has the best prints.  Great headband made from 100% organic cotton via Brooklyn.  Visit the piece here.

Thank you Bria for setting us up for delicious Spring wardrobe!