The September Issue

28 08 2009

I am sorry I have been missing in action for few days.  I’m trying to complete all of my patterns, some sketches and finish samples to send back to my IDOM president (aka my mum).  The work never ends.  I’m behind on my Spring/Summer 2010 collection.  It is always the last minute with me.  Many hours spend in the studio with my phone turned off and loud music.  I love this process the most.  I would rather spend hours by my self working in the studio.  It is peaceful, calm, and fun.  So different that being in the shop and dealing with  the public.  I am looking forward to more days of being in the studio.

Okay, more on to juicy documentary.  I have been dying to see “The September Issue” for a while now.  Hopefully the Anna Wintour behind the scene of making the September issue will be showing in Portland soon.  I wonder if I will get some knots in my tummy watching the film.  Probably will bring back some intense similar feelings from my old jobs in New York.  However, it should be entertaining as well.


A scene from “The September Issue.”


Anna Wintour is a British fashion editor for the American Vogue.  A position she has held since 1988. She became interested in fashion as a teenager. Her father, Charles, editor of the Evening Standard often consulted with her on how to make the newspaper’s coverage relevant to the youth of mid-1960s London. After dropping out of school at 16, she began a career in fashion journalism.  Her career took her across the Atlantic with stints at New York and House and Garden. She returned home for a year to turn around British Vogue, and later assumed control of the franchise’s magazine in New York. She revived a stagnant publication, earning her wide acclaim in the industry.



Like one of her predecessors, Diana Vreeland, she has become a fashion icon. Her bob haircut and frequently-worn sunglasses have become a common sight in the front row of many fashion shows. Away from the cameras, she has become as much an institution in the fashion world as her magazine. Widely praised for her eye for fashion trends and support for younger designers, her aloof and demanding persona has earned her the nickname “Nuclear Wintour.”

Can’t wait to check out the film!