Happy Saturday

14 04 2012

Please visit our beautiful Sally today from noonish to 6ish.  Please ring our studio if you have any question, +1 503 477 6818.

Printed cotton jacket with IDOM pants.

Thank you so much to my dear friend Sally for being at our little space today.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend.


Please visit Caitlin today!

31 03 2012

Caitlin has giving me a day off to run away.  It has been so lovely to have our dear C sharing the studio with me.  We have had such a good time hanging out and creating together.  Please swing by and visit her today.  She will be at our studio from noon until 6 pm.  We will be closed on Sunday.

Our sanctuary.  It is full of light and so dreamy.

Half of the space is for our show room, which you could purchase all the wonderful treasures.  Another half is our work area where we sketch, drape, sew, work on our website and just hanging out.  We are also thrill to have a corner where we could shoot our own photos.  Everything that we need in one tiny space.  Perfect!

My new obsession on these amazing Japanese tapes.

Our work area is filled with inspiration images, books, treasures, and of course colourful art supplies.

Black and white dress for spring. Thank you sweet Iris for being our IDOM girl.

Asymmetrical tunic with volume layering.

Thanks Caitlin for letting me have a day off!  We are located at 811 East Burnside Suite 213, Portland, OR 97214.  +1 503 477 6818

The studio is on the second floor facing Burnside Street.  Visit our lovely Caitlin soon.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.

Lovely Space

29 11 2011

We moved things around in the shop.  I’m loving the new space right now.  I think that we have the best light in our little shop.  Several travelers said that the little IDOM feels like a smaller version of Barneys and Colette.  They kept saying that we should open IDOM in Stockholm, or Amsterdam,  or Paris.  Such lovely compliments.  It makes this window dresser happy as a clam.

Slouchy pullover from Alternative Apparel paired with IDOM jeans.  Yes my first attempt of designing and making jeans.  So far so good.  Yay!  The ensemble would be lovely with Melissa black boots.

I’m obsessed with turbans and how there are countless ways of folding them.  And how they are so prominent as headdress in so many cultures. The pullover is paired with handmade IDOM bib necklace.

Autumn window

Giraffe tea set via Japan in our window amongst fruit and veggie prop.

Wishing you a beautiful Tuesday.

Pumpkin Patch

27 10 2011

Earlier this week I went to the Sauvie Island Farms to pick up some pumpkins. The farm is a third generation family owned business. I had such a great time!  I learned that they have Christmas tree farm there as well.  You could cut down your own tree.  The festivity starts the day after Thanksgiving.  I can’t wait to go back!  I want to thank Kel for going to the farm with me. Here are a few pictures.

My whole outfit came from Idom! The dress and scarf are Idom pieces with Alternative Apparel legging and hoodie. Have a great day and stop by the shop and say hello!

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