Trunk show is today!

16 06 2012

Please join us today for Brehan Todd Jewelry trunk show at our studio/showroom from noon until 8 pm.  Please swing by and meet the lovely designer herself. We are located at 811 East Burnside Suite 213 Portland, OR 97214.  +1 503 477 6818

So many beautiful jewels from Brehan.

All photos courtesy of Brehan Todd.

See you soon.


Brehan, Caitlin, and Modi


Brehan Todd jewelry trunk show at idom on Saturday, June 16th

15 06 2012

IDOM is excited to be collaborating with our friend, Brehan Todd.
Please join us for the jewelry trunk show and come meet the talented designer herself at IDOM studio/showroom on Saturday, June 16th from noon until 8 pm.  There will be sweet treats and wine.

Brehan Todd Sustainable Jewelry and accessories was founded in Portland Oregon, in 2009. Brehan studied fashion design at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.  The company officially introduced itself to the market, with a line of one of a kind, handmade jewelry, made from vintage materials. Brehan Todd now offers a small run boutique line, as well as a high end luxury line sold exclusively on Brehan Todd’s art is based on a philosophy of creating sophisticated design while maintaining dedication to the environment and keeping life as a priority. As a designer, her mission is to live and work creatively, and sustainably.  By using natural, reclaimed and vintage materials, she is able to create high quality, contemporary, wearable art, with little need for the earth’s finite resources.

Hope to see you soon.

Caitlin, Brehan and Modi

All photos courtesy of Brehan Todd.

Hope to see you tomorrow at our studio.  Enjoy this beautiful Friday lovelies!

Little Creatures

11 03 2012

We can’t get enough of little creature brass rings at IDOM.  Designed by yours truly and made in Bangkok.

We are at studio today (Sunday) from noon-6 pm.  Please stop by and check out our new cozy studio.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone.

Bold Necklaces

2 01 2012

I’m my mother’s daughter.  We don’t really own any jewels that are small and delicate.  We adore more bold necklaces, bracelets, earrings, etc..  Basically the bolder the better.  I have been designing the bib necklaces for the last 8 years.  My inspiration often derived from the jewelry of Hill Tribe people of northern Thailand.  Their sculptural shapes and craftsmanship are just incredible.  My friend S sent me a link to Scott via the sartorialist with women in Paris wearing similar statement necklaces.  He also mentioned that he hasn’t seen this look in NY or Milan.  All I have to say is that this is nothing new.  We have been doing this look since I could remember as a child in Thailand.  Plus we at IDOM also have been trying to push this look for the last 5 years.  Maybe this aesthetic will arrive in the states one of these days.  Sigh…

Bib necklace designed by yours truly paired with slouchy Alternative Apparel and IDOM pinstripe pants.

A statement necklace spotted by the sartorialist in Paris.

Another statement necklace with pearls and feathers also from IDOM.

We only have 4 days left at our little space.  Please swing by and say au revoir to a sweet shop.  We are open today from noon-6pm.  There are still some fixtures and mannequins left for sale.  All the clothes are 75% off, jewels and shoes are 50% off.  Our last day is this Thursday the 5th.  Hope to see you soon.  Enjoy your Monday everyone.

Holiday Gifts

1 12 2011

Lots of jewels and “kawaii” cuteness from Japan.  Perfect for your holiday gifts.

Bold necklaces from Kenya.

Beautiful horse necklace designed and made by Brehan Todd here in Portland.

Gorgeous necklaces designed and made by Susan Lutjen of Sulu Designs via Portland as well.

Heart vase made by my childhood friend Surachai via Bangkok.

Lovely cups via Japan.

Zebra tea set.

My parents used to pack my lunches in these cute bentos.

Hope to see you soon.  I’m at the shop today.  Please swing by and say hello.

Lovely Space

29 11 2011

We moved things around in the shop.  I’m loving the new space right now.  I think that we have the best light in our little shop.  Several travelers said that the little IDOM feels like a smaller version of Barneys and Colette.  They kept saying that we should open IDOM in Stockholm, or Amsterdam,  or Paris.  Such lovely compliments.  It makes this window dresser happy as a clam.

Slouchy pullover from Alternative Apparel paired with IDOM jeans.  Yes my first attempt of designing and making jeans.  So far so good.  Yay!  The ensemble would be lovely with Melissa black boots.

I’m obsessed with turbans and how there are countless ways of folding them.  And how they are so prominent as headdress in so many cultures. The pullover is paired with handmade IDOM bib necklace.

Autumn window

Giraffe tea set via Japan in our window amongst fruit and veggie prop.

Wishing you a beautiful Tuesday.

Beads Please!

19 10 2011

New beautiful beaded necklaces from Nigeria, Kenya, and Ivory Coast.  They are stunning.  I can’t get enough of them.

Thanks very much to everyone that came out last weekend to support us on raising money for flood victims in Thailand.  I’m still hoping to raise more donation this week and including this weekend for my beloved country.  I’m sorry to report that things are not improving.  The flood is now in the outskirt of Bangkok.  It is heading toward the city.  Over 50 provinces are under the water.  The flood had killed more than 300 people at this point.  There is so much suffering around the globe.  Sometime all of us feel helpless.  The best we could do is to help in anyway that we can.  The act of reaching out and helping is what matters.  Also being happy in your own life is much more productive and helpful to the rest of the world.  Kindness, peace, and happiness is the key to sharing the hope.  Sending Thailand love and light.

Wishing you a lovely Wednesday.  Hope to see you soon.