Please visit us today!

22 07 2012

Caitlin and I are heading to our studio space around noonish today.  We will be there until 6 pm.  Again everything is 50% off.

Thank you to Elizabeth Bisegna Gaston for bringing us beautiful macaroons and for always supporting this little label.  We are touched by your kindness.  It was lovely to meet Rachel who has been loving our label as much as we do.  You made our day!  Well friends this is it.  Come and bring home IDOM beauties this weekend.  Some of our furniture are on sale as well.  Hope to catch up with you soon.

Enjoy your Sunday lovelies.


50% Off on everything this weekend!

21 07 2012

Please join us this weekend on both Saturday the 21st and Sunday the 22nd from noon until 6 pm for our end of the summer sale.

All IDOM clothing, jewelery, and accessory will be on sale at 50% off.
Also IDOM’s furniture and some fixtures will be on sale as well.
Hope to see you this weekend.

Caitlin and Modi

S/S 12 shot by Elizabeth Russell.  Modeled by Katherine, hair and make up by Lori Fale.  Styled by Katie Barton and yours truly.  Design team is Caitlin McCloskey and Velia Salina.

Hope to see you this weekend!

Thank you friends!

7 07 2012

Thank you friends for helping us celebrate our 5th birthday!! Thank you so much Velia for bringing us beautiful and delicious cup cakes! I also adore my early Christmas gift platter too. Such a great surprise. Thank you Caitlin for yummy dinner from biwa. It was so nice to have the 2 idom girls last night. True friends for sure! Thank you always to Sarah, Jackie, Elizabeth, Fuchsia, and Heidi for giving Idom pieces a good home. Many thanks to Fuchsia for the gorgeous sun flowers too. It was a lovely night!



Caitlin and yours truly will be at our studio today from 1ish until 5ish.  Give us a ring if you would like to stop by +1 503 477 6818.

Enjoy your Saturday everyone!

Please visit!

23 06 2012

It is rainy Saturday here. We could cheer you up with new scarves, new jewels and new pieces. Please stop by and visit Caitlin and me today at our studio. We will be there from 1pm until 6ish. Give us a ring at the studio, 503 477 6818. Hope to see you!
c & m







Thinking of “Pin Me”

17 01 2012

Sending Sally and Liz lots of love.  It is such an inspiration that this wonderful boutique on North Mississippi is turning seven.  But, life is full of surprises and changes.  It is always hard to say goodbye to something that you built and cherished.  Pin me is saying au revoir to their brick and mortar store this month.  Please be kind and gentle to the two lovely women and dear friends for these last few weeks.  I hope that people will be thoughtful, compassionate and supportive.  Wishing Liz and Sally a new exciting chapter and a fabulous adventure.

Please visit Pin Me at 3705 N Mississippi Portland, OR 97227 or ring the shop + 1 503 281 1572.

We love you Sally+Liz.

So Long

7 01 2012

Today is it.  We pretty much moved out.  The walls have been retouched, canceled all of our utilities, cleaned the space, and saying goodbye to our little shop.  We also said farewell to our loveliest postman and to the wonderful family who made us yummy burritos and tamales.   Happy to report that yesterday was filled with much ease.  The movers were very sweet and helpful. They were able to move the heaviest counter on to the 2nd level for the new studio.  Thank you to Evangelina and Miles for taking the whole week off from work to support the little IDOM until the end.  Thank you to Katie, Susan, and Brad for showing up every night to help us out.  My dearest friends could tell you.  I’m horrible at asking for help.  You will just have to force the help on me.  Thank you guys for surprising me with your endless hours of packing, cleaning, taking down everything and bringing us delicious food.  Without you I would be so lost.  I’m so touched by your love and your friendships.  So long everyone.  Thank you for everything.

Goodbye our delightful little shop.

Wishing everyone a brilliant weekend.  Ta, ta.


6 01 2012

Yesterday was a surreal kind of day…  Starting with E walking into the shop with 30 gallons of water flooding down our walls from the ceiling.  Mind you they were very hot water.  If E wasn’t there at that moment.  We would have lost everything that we just packed.  Luckily M got to the shop in time to run upstairs and found the source of this curious event.  A plumber was draining water heater to an assume working drain.  Only it was in our shop instead of the drain.  E+M fought the battle and got everything sorted out and cleaned up.  I arrived with mobs in hands and expected the worst.  The plumber kept saying how surprised he was with E+M for trying to fix the problem so quickly.  Most people would have just watched the whole thing and waited for someone else to help them. I found this quote from D.H. Lawrence on dreamers.  I think it is appropriate to say that we at IDOM are day dreamers who managed to make our dreams come true.

As we are packing and leaving the space.  We find comfort that we jumped and realised our dreams.  Much of the obstacles , the challenges, and the heartache made us evolved as better people.  Thank you E+M for being on this adventure with little IDOM.  Thank you to Katie, Susan, and Brad for being our rocks for this last week of transition.  Many thanks to our friends and family for the lovely messages and for the support you had given us for the last four and a half years.  Ta, ta for now.