Please visit Caitlin today!

31 03 2012

Caitlin has giving me a day off to run away.  It has been so lovely to have our dear C sharing the studio with me.  We have had such a good time hanging out and creating together.  Please swing by and visit her today.  She will be at our studio from noon until 6 pm.  We will be closed on Sunday.

Our sanctuary.  It is full of light and so dreamy.

Half of the space is for our show room, which you could purchase all the wonderful treasures.  Another half is our work area where we sketch, drape, sew, work on our website and just hanging out.  We are also thrill to have a corner where we could shoot our own photos.  Everything that we need in one tiny space.  Perfect!

My new obsession on these amazing Japanese tapes.

Our work area is filled with inspiration images, books, treasures, and of course colourful art supplies.

Black and white dress for spring. Thank you sweet Iris for being our IDOM girl.

Asymmetrical tunic with volume layering.

Thanks Caitlin for letting me have a day off!  We are located at 811 East Burnside Suite 213, Portland, OR 97214.  +1 503 477 6818

The studio is on the second floor facing Burnside Street.  Visit our lovely Caitlin soon.

Enjoy your weekend everyone.


Saturday Fun

17 03 2012

Heading off to the studio soon.  Caitlin and I should be there until 6ish.  Give us a ring if you like to order anything on the blog, +1 503 477 6818.  Or better yet you could come by and keep us company.

Hope to see you soon.


My little world

13 03 2012

Here are bits and pieces of my little cocoon.

I love being on the second floor.  The light is lovely and I could watch the world goes by.  Plus it makes the studio feels more special that you have to know about little idom cocoon to come by.  A bit like hidden magical secret.

Thank you!

6 03 2012

Thank you friends for your well wishes and for stopping by the new studio.  It was wonderful to catch up with everyone.  Thank you for always supporting little label that could.  I’m so touched by your love.  Plus it was really delightful to have some mini visitors in the space as well.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you S+C for visiting even with the awful jet lag.  I can’t believe how baby C has grown so tall.

Thanks Cory and Josh for bringing adorable G to visit IDOM.

Many thanks to all my dear friends for loving IDOM as much as I do.  Thank you!

1st Day!

2 03 2012

The floors has been mopped, windows are clean and new pieces are in.  The studio is open today and through out the weekend.  Caitlin stayed late last night and helped me beautified the space.  She is one great partner in crime!  We are going to stay late tonight for First Friday along with our wonderful neighbors at 811 East Burnside Building.  Nervous and excited at the same time.  Hope to see you lovelies soon.

Graphic designed by my amazing talented friend, Lance.  Thank you Lance for your beautiful work!  He is also the one who came up with our logo and most of the graphic that is IDOM.  What a wonderful omen to have Lance design our first graphic for the studio.  Hooray!

Can’t wait to catch up with everyone.

Wishing you a delightful weekend.



Thank you Lance for the fantastic Window Decal!

5 06 2009

As I mentioned before this IDOM journey is a collaboration amongst my friends and my parents.  I have been more than lucky to have great friends that are beyond supportive.  Plus all of them are experts in their field of work.  One of my bestest friend, Lance has been with this process since IDOM was not even IDOM yet.  I was back in Bangkok and Tokyo about three years ago.  Sourcing for material and production.  I needed a logo badly to print hang tags, stickers, labels, and shopping bags.  Lance was on a holiday at the time.  He went to Kinko’s in middle of the night and e-mailed me variety of logos.  We have talked about the inspiration and the story behind the logo couple months before I left for Asia.  Lance and I both love Japanese design influence.  We love robots, Japanese animation, and of course the colour of orange.  Lance is an amazing painter, illustrator, and designer.  I truly respect him and his work.  He was the perfect person to come out with an IDOM logo.  He was very kind to do this in such a short amount of time.  Brad and I picked out the logo colours over the phone.  That was how little logo was born.


Lance is back designing us window and wall decals.  The shop is a work in progress.  Dave and his co-worker from PDQ sign got our window decal up yesterday.  Brad and I finally got our two shell chandeliers hung the night before in the window.  These chandeliers reminded me of my childhood at the beach in Thailand.


More window decal.


Hooray the window is done!  Thank you so much to Lance and his incredible design sensibility.  I owe you again!

Our first day at work

2 06 2009

It is funny how life works…  Brad started his new job today on 1st of June.  I started my old job in a new location on the same day.  We both had a great first day!

The shop is finally done after many days and nights of long hours.  I am truly grateful for my friends, my parents, and my partner.  It takes so much planning, time, and resources for this to happen.  I could not have done this without their support.  Thank you so much for allowing me to follow my dreams.


The shop is finally opened for business today.


This long coffee table was the old platform for the front window for our Alberta old space.  It is a recycled walnut wood piece.  We could not imagined cutting up the piece to fit the new front window.  We just added legs and converted to a table.  Perfect solution.


When we did our build out.  We really wanted to utilized the concept of sustainability.  All the shelves are recycled old barn wood beams from outside Scappose.


First window in the new space.  The girls are doing construction and wall painting work.  The props were found easily.   Since that is what we have been doing for the last two weeks.  Jenny Yuen handbag on paint cans.


More painting.


I have always loved the idea of pattern on pattern.  The Ikat printed chair to the left is a great match for my other patterned chair.  Extra room for people to sit and hang out.  The dressing room walls are antique Japanese screen doors.  Another round coffee table in the middle is an old carved wood from Kenya.  I was lucky enough to find a new counter from a cute beautiful boutique on Mississippi, Amalee.  It was constructed by the same artist that did our shelves, Jason Olcott.  The counter frame was an old vintage door from Rebuilding center.  The top is granite.  Again I love the idea of mixing the modern with the global influence.


I am delighted that we found an exquisite home for our little IDOM.  Please come by and visit us.  Our new address is 827 NW 23rd street, between Johnson and Kearney.  We are open everyday Monday through Saturday 11 am until 6 pm and Sunday 11 am until 5 pm.  Hope to see you soon.