Colours and Patterns

11 10 2011

There is nothing like mixing patterns and colours into your ensemble.  It will make you feel so alive and beautiful.  Take a chance and run with it.  After all fashion is suppose to be fun and experimental.  Life is too short to be afraid of colours and patterns.  Throw away that box and live your life freely.

Shot by Tommy Ton during NYFW.  Found via Style.

Wishing you a bright vibrant Tuesday.


Tribal VS Grunge

22 08 2011

Caitlin and I kept saying of how we are all tab into a collective consciousness.  My S/S 12 was inspired by history of horses in tribal traditions, Greek mythology, and symbolism of horses in various cultures around the globe.  The bi-pass result is a wonderful history on textile and ensemble that goes along with ritual of honouring horses.  Here is the proof of how each of us are connected even without anyone of us really knowing it.  Editorial from Teen Vogue is inspired by tribal influence with delightful twist on the Grunge era.  Lovely combination.

All images courtesy of Teen Vogue.

I’m starting my process for A/W 12.  Curious if I would end up unconsciously tab into this wonderful magic again.  Please stop by and say hello soon.  I’ll be the one behind the counter today and tomorrow.  Ta, ta for now.

New Beauties

22 06 2011

We adore scarves and jewels.  Just can’t get enough of them.  It is a fun way to add colours and textures to your ensemble.

We are big fan of anything giraffe, especially these scarves.

So many more scarves with beautiful prints.

More bib necklaces with feather, tulle and pearls.

Our lovely Katherine is at the shop today.  Please stop by and say hello.  Wishing you a brilliant Wednesday!


3 06 2011

I am in love with scarves! I usually wear one every day all year long. They make the perfect accessories you can do so much with them. We have great new scarves at the shop. Here are a few pictures!

I love the giraffe print

Stop by and say hi and try out the new scarves! Have a good day!

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Prints Please!

25 04 2011

Gorgeous prints to cheer you up on this rainy Monday.

Come visit us at the shop soon.  Promise it will make your Monday so much brighter.  Ta, ta.

New Treats

20 10 2010

I’m starting to sketch the new A/W 11 collection.  As I mentioned before.  I avoid fashion magazines, fashion blogs, and anything that might influenced my own imagination of doing my next season.  I am addicted to art, home interior, photography, food magazines and blogs.  I got myself new treats of Living Etc magazines from the UK.  I don’t think that there is an American version yet.  I also get these guys when I’m home in Bangkok.  The Asian version is quite fantastic as well.  They are little bit more colourful and adventurous for my taste.  I also love The world of Interiors and Elle Decor both are from UK.  I find these mags to be constant source of my inspiration.  I love how the English and the French do it so well.  Mixing the traditional, the modern, and the global pieces into one living space.

Adore all the textiles above.  I can’t stop looking at them.  I love the set design on these spreads too.

The small Parisian flat above.  It is darling.  All photos courtesy of The World of Interiors, UK October 2010.

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Cool Patterns from Mike Perry

2 09 2009

My dear friend Lance got me this amazing book called “Over & Over” for my birthday in April.  I have been using it and really enjoying it very much.  It has also been a great source of inspiration for patterns and illustrations.  I have been a big fan of Mike Perry for quite sometime.  He is such a brilliant illustrator and a talented artist.  This book is all about hand drawn patterns.  Perry has compiled loads of great examples from variety of artists.  Truly an eye candy!



Work from Mike Perry.

25615_h500This would be a great print on a dress.


Perry lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.  All images courtesy of Mike Perry.

Please check out his exquisite work here.