Sunny Wednesday

3 10 2012

Happy Wednesday everyone! Enjoy this beautiful blue sky. Sun flowers for a sunny Wednesday.



Happy Monday!

30 07 2012

Wishing you a lovely Monday.  I have been enjoying all the flowers around our house and in our neighbourhood.  Summer is so pretty here.  Enjoy it while you can!





We no longer have a physical studio space, but you could still find our pieces online.

Please email me if you have any questions

Thank you so much lovelies for all of your support through out the years.


Caitlin and Modi

Blue Sky

26 03 2012

Nothing like waking up to a pretty blue sky.  Hooray to spring!

Thanks very much again everyone for stopping by our studio this weekend.  It was lovely to see you.

Wishing you a happy Monday.

Plants Please!

20 03 2012

My friend Jessie and baby Oswin took me on an adventure to an amazing land of exotic plants on Sauvie Island.  The nursery was magical and beautiful.  Thank you guys for a wonderful day.

Enjoy your Tuesday everyone.


22 05 2011

I feel alive to be amongst so many colours.

Sending you lots of love from Thailand.

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Shapes and Colours

25 10 2010

Enjoying the gorgeous photographs by Vince Reichardt.  Needed some beautiful colours in my life after few days of gray sky.

All photos courtesy of Reichardt.  View more work here.

Have a wonderful week everyone.

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Jungle Plants from Beka

11 03 2010

The thing that I missed the most about being on Alberta is my friend Beka from Origin Flowers.  It was delightful to see her daily and we talked about flowers, plants, funny traveling stories, and life.  I’m so excited for her that she took on her new business partner Joshua for their new plant nursery/flower adventure store.  We have some of their amazing jungle plants in our shop at the moment.  They are quite exquisite growing out from moss within the beautiful shells.

There are lots of these beauties in my parents’ yard.  It is nice to have a bit of home in the shop.

My dream is to have loads of these gorgeous plants lined up along the walls.  It would be such a brilliant installation.  You can come by and take these guys home from IDOM.  They are $30 for each plant.  Or you can visit Miss Beka and Mr. Joshua at their store Origin Flowers 1532 NE Alberta St.  Portland, OR 97211.  You can check out their website here.