The Nicole Dress (posted by Salwa -IDOM buyer)

19 10 2009

We’ve blogged about the Nicole Dress before, but I couldn’t resist doing it again when I recently tried it on for the first time. Although the dress looks intricate (which it is with all its beautiful smocking and draping!), it has to be one of the most comfortable dresses I have ever worn – I didn’t want to take it off! There’s nothing like a dress that both fits well AND makes you feel like a million bucks! I can’t wait to pair it with opaque tights and a blazer!




New beautiful Amy dress

27 07 2009

It is quite warm here in Portland today.  Reminding me of home.  Perfect beach weather.  I am sitting at the shop sketching for next season and having my iced coffee.  Pretending I’m on a mini holiday away from craziness of daily routines.  I kept wanting to wear our new Amy dress for a holiday in France or somewhere like Ice Land.  Day dreaming again.

Amy Dress

Amy Dress $369.  Back to sketching and sitting next to an Air Conditioning vent.  🙂

The lovely Salwa Dress

26 07 2009

My friend Salwa has been helping me out at the shop for a quite a while.  She keeps me sane from the daily struggle of constantly hearing unwelcome and unkind comments from the masses.  One can go nuts being pushed over the edge.  She reminds me to write down all the positive comments when the wonderful ones appeared.  Thanks Salwa for always being such a good listener and a great friend.  Here is to Salwa and her chic sensibility!


Salwa Dress $385.

Thank Goodness the Nicole Dresses are here!

24 07 2009

It took 7 extra sewers to complete the production of Nicole Dresses.  The original piece was draped by yours truly.  Our amazing production team had to re-draped each size on the form.  The paper pattern did not make any sense for the Nicole Dress.  That is why the draping had to be employed on each piece.  The process was challenging and time consuming.  I am sure our contractors were not so happy with me at all.  Live and learn!  Anyhow, the Nicole dresses are worth the challenges.


Thanks Nic for your inspiration of this dress.

Nicole Dress $550.

Paridee dress is finally here!

23 07 2009

It is always so touch and go with shipping and receiving pieces from Bangkok.  Fed-Ex delivered the box to our old Alberta Street store.  They wanted to send it back to Thailand.  Finally someone found my number and tracked us down.  Such an adventure here at IDOM!  Anyhow, the rest of our summer collection are here.  I’ll start posting more pieces soon.

Paridee green dress beach


Parideee Dress $215.  I will be steaming dresses all day.  Come by and say hello.  Enjoy your day!

Wearing lots of black for the summer

15 07 2009

I truly love wearing black and gray for the summer.  I know, I know it doesn’t quite make much sense.  I just find the beautiful contrast of sunshine and colour of black so interesting.  Plus I just feel like there are no rules about clothes.  You should wear whatever colour or whatever you want whenever you want.  Life is too short to live in a rule book.


Love this ensemble.


This is so chic all year round.  The 2 photos are from the sartorialist.  Click here for his amazing blog.


Salwa gave me an insider tip about Jane from Sea of Shoes.  Yes, she is only 17 years old.  Her family has more money than I can imagined.  However, she has the most fashion forward sensibility.  She doesn’t really care about what people think of her and her outfits.  She lives in Texas.  We are sure that people probably stop and look at her.  Bravo to Jane for taking a risk and for being her self.  We love her aesthetic.  Visit Sea of Shoes here.


Evangelina Dress from IDOM.  Here is to summer full of beautiful black!

New Knit Silk Jersey Pieces are in the shop!!

19 03 2009

They are here!  They are soft and affordable.  Come check them out.


Knit Tee $40


Purple Wing Dress $86



Many vibrant colours to choose from.  Come by and say hello.