Autumn Inspiration

28 09 2012

It feels a bit odd not to be designing for the next season.  No sample making, no photo shoot plan, no inspiration board, and no juggling act between designing and running a shop.  I’m a little lost at times.  But it helps to look at all the beautiful images for the autumn season.  At least I could still decorate my house and make dresses for myself.  It is one benefit of not having a shop.  I don’t have to please anyone else but myself.  Refreshing really…

Lovely images found via here.

Wishing you a brilliant weekend.


Floral + Orange

15 03 2012

I found this lovely cotton floral print in New York last year and then ran across chiffon orange fabric in Tokyo.  Perfect combination of floral and orange.  I love playing with beautiful lining.

Can you tell I’m ready for spring to arrive?

Wishing you a delightful Thursday.

Beautiful Textile

23 11 2011

As you know I’m a big fan of hand weaved fabric for both cotton and silk.  I grew up in a place where everyone knows how to make something.  It is a part of life.  My grandmother’s dear friend is an amazing weaver.  Seeing her creating fabric was magical to me.  Plus my mother has a crazy textile obsession.  She has been collecting antique textile from around the globe since she was a teenager.  The textile really tells the story of of our history and where we are in the world.  These gorgeous textile from Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador makes my heart sing.

Found via fashion gone rogue.

Hope to see you on Friday for little boxes event.  Our lovely Rebecca and yours truly will be at the shop on Friday.  Wishing you a brilliant Wednesday.

Pretty in Pink

30 08 2011

You know that time of the day in the summer right before the sun goes down when the light is warm and the grass is green green green? I couldn’t help but put together the rich color of the pink woven idom tunic and the landscape on the farm with an impromptu 10 minute photo-shoot before it was just too dark. Plus, I think the black and white saddle shoes are a perfect match!

We have lots of new sale items at the shop right now so swing by and have a look. I think that we may even have one more pink tunic left. Thanks to Mahal for always being willing to help me create when I get crazy ideas, and to her horse, Street Legal Tender, who was more concerned about eating than getting his photo taken but was still pretty awesome.

Enjoy your Tuesday everyone! And don’t forget to come see us on Wednesday night at the Fez Ballroom where we will be showing our upcoming collection!

xoxo, idom

Tribal VS Grunge

22 08 2011

Caitlin and I kept saying of how we are all tab into a collective consciousness.  My S/S 12 was inspired by history of horses in tribal traditions, Greek mythology, and symbolism of horses in various cultures around the globe.  The bi-pass result is a wonderful history on textile and ensemble that goes along with ritual of honouring horses.  Here is the proof of how each of us are connected even without anyone of us really knowing it.  Editorial from Teen Vogue is inspired by tribal influence with delightful twist on the Grunge era.  Lovely combination.

All images courtesy of Teen Vogue.

I’m starting my process for A/W 12.  Curious if I would end up unconsciously tab into this wonderful magic again.  Please stop by and say hello soon.  I’ll be the one behind the counter today and tomorrow.  Ta, ta for now.

New Beauties

22 06 2011

We adore scarves and jewels.  Just can’t get enough of them.  It is a fun way to add colours and textures to your ensemble.

We are big fan of anything giraffe, especially these scarves.

So many more scarves with beautiful prints.

More bib necklaces with feather, tulle and pearls.

Our lovely Katherine is at the shop today.  Please stop by and say hello.  Wishing you a brilliant Wednesday!

Fantasy, Folklore & Freshwater

9 06 2011

This year, 2011, the Regional Arts and Culture Council has awarded an Individual Project Grant to Fuchsia Lin, to complete her textile sculpture and performance piece, Fantasy, Folklore, and Freshwater.I had the wonderful opportunity to attend Fuchsia’s performance this past Saturday. It was amazing and emotional. Beautiful.

In Asian mythology, dragons were believed to be rulers and benevolent spirits of moving bodies of water. Inspired by the stories of her culture, and continuing the exploration of her fascination with water, Fuchsia will create a series of sculptural masks and costumes of water dragons. Fuchsia often explores the theme of water in her art to express its inherent beauty and spirituality, as well as the importance of our relationship with this precious resource.

This collection of photos are just from my phone, I wish that you could have seen it in person. Learn more about Fucshia Lin at as well as mark your calendars because complete exhibition of the works will be held at The Cleaners at Ace Hotel on Thursday, December 8th from 7-10 PM.

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