13 07 2012

This summer yellow is making me happy.

Photo via here.

S/S 12 One of a kind polka dots dress.  Shot by Elizabeth Russell.

Found this beauty on the side walk the other day.  Pic by me.

Can’t get enough of sun flowers.  Pic is also by moi.

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


More blue please!

12 06 2012
I’m predicting a trend that blue is a new black.  And marble is a current favourite. This pic makes me giddy.
Keep warm and dry everyone.

Colours and Patterns

11 10 2011

There is nothing like mixing patterns and colours into your ensemble.  It will make you feel so alive and beautiful.  Take a chance and run with it.  After all fashion is suppose to be fun and experimental.  Life is too short to be afraid of colours and patterns.  Throw away that box and live your life freely.

Shot by Tommy Ton during NYFW.  Found via Style.

Wishing you a bright vibrant Tuesday.


18 09 2011

I have been spotting cameo inspired jewels lately.  Wondering if I might have a second career as a fashion fortune teller.  I think the collective consciousness is at the forefront of this influence.  Take a look at this prediction via NYFW.  All photos from streetfsn.  Which by the way is a fantastic street style blog.  A bit more intimate than the more famous ones out there.

All pics via streetfsn.

So excited to have our Caitlin in the shop today.  Please stop by and say hello to our lovely C.  She could help you find the most perfect pieces to cheer you up on this gray rainy Sunday.  Wishing you a delightful weekend.

Half Pass Three

4 04 2011

We used to stack multiple plastic Swatch watches on our wrists back in the day.  Years later, the trend has returned but this time more mature, ladylike, and much more sophisticated than my teenage year.

Images via here and here.

P.S.  Thanks very much everyone for your sweet birthday wishes.  I’m very touched by your kindness.  Thank you.


23 03 2011

There is so much ultra cool neon colours everywhere in Asia during my recent trip.  Fantastic!  Here is some inspiration.

Yummy and refreshing pallette.  Lovely images via streetfsn.

Have an amazing Wednesday!

Chanel Pre-Fall 2009 Collection

25 12 2008

My friend Salwa has been telling me about this Chanel collection.  I only now have a chance to check it out.  Also my friend Jessie of Pattern People bloged about this collection as well.  I love love love this “Paris-Moscou” Russian inspired collection.


One of the best work from Karl Lagerfeld.  “A Russian Uniform”


Are those tall boots or leather leggings?  Either way it is amazing!


The pattern on the dress is quite beautiful.


I adore this look.  Lagerfeld’ interpretation of the classic Coco Chanel’s suit.  So modern and timeless.


The embroidery work on this piece is delightful.  Many hours of work gone into making these pieces.  All hand done.  I truly appreciated that Chanel still supports the French embroiderers, milliners, goldsmiths, and shoemakers.  Their skills are incredible!


Just stunning.


The head pieces are the work of art.