Beautiful People

17 08 2010

Thanks very much everyone for coming by and helping us celebrate our 3rd year anniversary.  I’m sorry we didn’t take more pics.  We were too busy chatting, drinking champagne and enjoying yummy cookies.

The best birthday gift for IDOM ever.  Hand carved IDOM logo from Papa Owens, Evangelina’s lovely father.  The wood came from his farm in Dayton.  I am so touched by his kindness.  He also sent us the history of the wood.  Thank you so much!

Beautiful daughter and mother.  Kat and her mom aka Bob.  They brought us delicious cookies and took home IDOM pieces.  I love visiting with the two lovely ladies.  They made my day!

Elizabeth from Olympic Provisions modeled her new harem pants and brand new blue belt.  She looks so chic.  Thanks E for taking time off from your busy restaurant owner life.  OP is one of my favorite place to have amazing lunch or dinner.  Thank you IDOM girl.

My favorite girls, Evangelina + Caitlin.  Happy to received the delightful carving.

Our lovely Velia worked behind the counter all day and into the night.  Elizabeth buying some goodies and Evangelina clearing out the busy dressing rooms.

Gorgeous EBG.

The most important guest, Baby Charlotte.  The cutest girl and in the most adorable dress.  Thank you Sarah for the brilliant flowers, card and the pics.

Beautiful Evangelina and the amazing orchids from Beka via Origin Flowers.  I need to take more pics of Beka’s stunning work.

Thanks very much again for joining us at the party and for bringing beautiful cards and flowers.  Special thanks to Elizabeth and Nick Baumgartner (our talent photographers) for your delightful origami elephant and for bringing Cooper to visit us.  The elephant should bring our little IDOM a good omen.  And many thanks to Fuchsia for giving the pink pocket book a good home.   Much gratitude to our IDOM village.  So lucky to have such amazing group of friends.

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