Hello Autumn!

2 10 2012

Wishing you a happy October everyone!  It feels like autumn today.  The light is changing and the air is much crisper.  I am in an autumn spirit.  I bought loads of apples from farmers’ market this week.  I’m addicted to juicing fresh veggies and fruits.  Nothing like fresh apple juice for breakfast.

Lovely Tuesday everyone.


Autumn Inspiration

28 09 2012

It feels a bit odd not to be designing for the next season.  No sample making, no photo shoot plan, no inspiration board, and no juggling act between designing and running a shop.  I’m a little lost at times.  But it helps to look at all the beautiful images for the autumn season.  At least I could still decorate my house and make dresses for myself.  It is one benefit of not having a shop.  I don’t have to please anyone else but myself.  Refreshing really…

Lovely images found via here.

Wishing you a brilliant weekend.

Lovely Detail

27 09 2012

I chopped off my hair last January and donated it to Cancer Society.  It was one of the most freeing experience.  I was so attached to my long hair.  After we closed the 23rd street shop.  I decided to physically let go of this attachment.  I am so happy with my shorter do now.  Less work and I feel a lot lighter.  I came across this image of sweet hair detail via Rodarte A/W 2012 Ready to Wear.  I might have to do something similar to my short hair.  It is lovely.

Found via If I Had.

Blue Beauty

26 09 2012

I’m still mad for blue.  I think I have fallen in love with this blue beauty.

This beauty is from Acne S/S 13.

via here.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Autumn is here

25 09 2012

The air is getting much cooler here in Portland. Although we are pretty lucky with some blue sky. Getting ready for autumn season. Pulling out my sweaters and tights. I’m also enjoying watching the leaves turning into vibrant colours.




Always look forward to have cozy coffees and teas with my dear friends under the autumn sky.

Enjoy your Tuesday everyone!

New Chapter

24 09 2012

As my dear friend Sarah reminded me that I’m on sabbatical from fashion. I have learned that I cherish my new found freedom. I have been enjoying reading books, taking photos, cooking, being on holiday and spending more time with my friends. I am still Looking for work of course. But in the mean time I treasure this period of my life. I have been volunteering at the art museum. I realised that I have missed doing volunteering work. It is such a gift to be able to be apart of this lovely community. I adore my time at the museum. Here are some pics from my new chapter.





More from Smith Rock adventure

20 09 2012

More pics from our mini holiday. Enjoy your week everyone!