Holiday at Smith Rock

19 09 2012

We decided to take a mini holiday for the last camping trip of the summer. We adore Smith Rock. Always look forward to our yearly camping trip at the magnificent spot. It was perfect weather and truly magical.






Lovely Weekend

14 09 2012

We are off to probably our last camping trip of the summer.  It will be lovely to say goodbye to the sunny days.  Enjoy your weekend everyone.

This bear pic makes me happy.  Such an attitude!  Sorry no source for this guy.

Lovely weekend to you!

Another beach adventure

13 09 2012

Okay so I went to the beach again. I am a complete addict! I can get use to this whole retirement thing. This time the coast was so moody. I barely could see anything with the heavy fog. It was really magical in a way. Beautiful and mysterious. Perfect mood for some serious soul searching. Wishing you a lovely Thursday.







Chasing the Blue

11 09 2012

I am such a beach addict. I can’t get enough of the ocean. It makes me so happy to be by the sea. Enjoy your Tuesday everyone.






Words to Live By

6 09 2012

Reminding myself how to have a good life.

Dreaming of the beach today.

Wishing you a beautiful Wednesday.

Monday Love

4 09 2012

It feels so strange not to be designing the new collection or going to our little studio and work.  I feel a bit lost lately…  This little business has been apart of my life for the last 5 years.  I’m sure it will take some time for me to feel okay again.  Although I’m calling myself “a retired fashion designer.”  My love for fashion will never change.  There are some ideas floating in my head.  I’m thinking of making some dresses just for myself.  It sounds lovely and special.  To make something that I wanted to make and have them just for me to cherish.  I think it is a refreshing idea.  I’m so inspired by these beautiful pieces via the lovely Jak&Jill.

I love the volume and the shape of these beauties.  Off to do more sketching.  I think I’m getting some of my creative juices back.  Hooray!

All pretty pics via Jak & Jill.

Hello September!

1 09 2012

We are having an amazing weather here in Portland. Sunny and blue sky. Although I could feel the crisp cooler air of autumn. I’m trying to enjoy every minute of this sunshine. Gone and played in the forest this week. Have a brilliant weekend everyone.