Part 2 of life from up above

31 08 2012

Here are more pics from our latest backpacking trip via Mt. Hood. Enjoy your Friday everyone.







The view from up above

28 08 2012

We cherish our summers here in the pacific northwest. Warm weather and blue sky are rare here for most of the year. B and I usually try to have our mini holidays through out the summer. We always look forward to our yearly back packing and camping adventure. This year we returned to Cooper Spur trail on Mt. Hood. We had warm sunny weather and lots of blue sky. Plus the wild flowers were in bloom. Truly heaven on earth.




Monday Love

27 08 2012
 Due to my love for little decorating animals, I can’t help but falling head over heals for this neon pink hippo & it’s friends.  Aren’t they they so darling?
Found via intsight.
Enjoy your Monday everyone.

August Love

20 08 2012

Sending all the August birthday babies lots of love on this beautiful Monday.  Happy birthday to my amazing mum.  To my beautiful friends Maura, Sally, Gemma and Miles.  Wishing you a lovely one.

Happy birthday August beauties!

Weekend Adventure

17 08 2012

I love waking up to the blue sky and the beautiful sunshine everyday for the past couple weeks.  The hotter the better for this girl.  Much of my time are spend outside.  I’m happy as a clam in this so called “heat wave” of Portland.  We are off on our mini holiday this weekend.  More time in the outdoors.  Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Ideal activity for my lazy summer days.

Photo by Jennifer Åkesson.

Photos via Daniella Witte.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend.

Indian Night with Sarah

15 08 2012

Lovely summer night dinner with my sweet friend Sarah. Yummy Indian food and wonderful friend. Life is pretty great!



Monday Love

13 08 2012

As you probably figure out by now.  I’m a girl who adores volume.  I love anything with interesting textures and exaggerating shapes.  I also like playing with the contrast of a tailored piece pairing with a more sculptural piece.  I am dreaming of this look.  So perfect!

Photo via jak & jill.

Enjoy this hot sunshine everyone!  I’m a happy camper with this heat.